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Voluntary association


The “Don Bosco” voluntary association has been operating on the territory since the eighties. It is constituted by a group of people who have decided to devote their spare time to solidarity towards less lucky families or people in difficulty.
This association works together with the Municipal administration which gives it a contribute following a series of services it gives to the community.
It is a no-profit association which destines the gain of its activities to social needs of the territory. The Organization not only runs the meeting room for people needing company, but also arranges parties for birthdays, First Communion, and so on.

Furthermore, different groups exist in Chignolo:

  • “Il gruppo verde” (the green group) takes care of the room that the Municipal Administration gave to it and of some green areas, such as the gardens of the primary and secondary school, where it regularly cuts the grass and lops trees.The “Gruppo Vigilanza” (the vigilance group) gives its service at the primary school where the voluntaries watch children crossing the road both at the beginning and at the end of the lessons. Moreover, they also watch the traffic jam on occasion of processions and parades.
  • The group “Il filo che ti lega” (The binding thread) provides a telephonic service to all people who feel lonely or left apart because in difficulty (green number………….complete with telephone secretary). The voluntaries speak much with such people and regularly pay them a visit to bring them a bit comfort and relief. Thanks to their engagement and generosity, they try to keep company and help all those people who risk being emarginated because of some illness or other problems.
In the year 2000 the association aimed at buying a suitable vehicle for driving old or disabled people to hospital or public offices. Finally in February 2003 the Association reached its purpose thanks to the great work of their voluntaries. This service is completely free of charge and carried out by the voluntaries who make themselves at disposal for driving.
This association has always much work to do, but it is very proud to be able to help people and its target is to achieve more and more ambitious results in the social field.
We remind you that for anything they may need, our citizens can contact us at the telephone number 035 905629 from 13.30 to 22.00 on every workday.