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Sports facilities


The territory of Chignolo d’isola offers sports centres which are either municipal or private, but for public use.
Such facilities, described hereunder, have recently been linked with the historical centre of Chignolo by means of panoramic stairs, just to let people reach the sport centre easier without bumping into traffic jam.
Furthermore a new parking has been built near the stairs as service for the sports centre.

Primary school gym – Roncalli Street
Even though built in 1982, the building is still perfectly functioning and in compliance with norms. It belongs to the primary school but it is also attended by the Association “Polisportiva Chignolese” for Basket and Volley matches.

This association runs the centre together with the municipal authority.
The councillor of sports organizes courses of aerobics and gymnastic for adults and children. The gym s equipped for volley, basket, soccer, tennis, handball, free gymnastic with different apparatus. It is provided with double changing-rooms and a changing room for referees and with a 150 seat stand.

Sports centre – Picasso Street
The centre was built in 2002 in a zone next to the secondary school and to the Cultural Centre with the cinema. The structure is made of a polyvalent in-door ground provided with heating where you can play soccer, volley, tennis or simply watching matches on the 80 seat stand. The changing-room are located in the adjoining gym of the secondary school. The centre is run by the association “Polisportiva Chignolese – Calcetto section”.
Next to the polyvalent centre you can find the bowl ground. Even this structure is in-door and completed of heating, which allows its use throughout the year.
It is the ideal meeting point for the so-called “no longer young” people, who, besides playing their favourite game, also have the possibility to meet other people and make friends, maybe playing cards in the bar run by voluntaries.

Even this centre is run by the “Polisportiva Chignolese – section bowl club”.

Secondary School Gym – Picasso Street
The centre is located in the secondary school and used by students for gym and volley activities. Out of school times, the gym is attended by adults during the gym courses organized by the Sports committee.

Parish football grounds in Manzoni Street
The centre consists of a regular grass 11-ground and a sand 7-ground. It is completed with a building which houses the changing-rooms, storing rooms and the social seat of the “Polisportiva Chignolese”. A covered stand with about 200 seats is available for audience.
The centre also has got at its disposal outer areas which are often used for popular festivals and concerts organized by the “Polisportiva Chignolese”. The centre is owned by the Parish but led by the Public Administration and run by the Polisportiva Chignolese.

Isola Swimming Pool – Galilei Street
In these sports facilities, private but for public use (known as Hare Krishna village), swimming courses for adults and children are organized, besides the possibility to practise free swimming.
Swimming isn’t the only activity offered by this facility which gives also the possibility to attend gym courses in water and sessions for the muscle recovery and massages.

The public use of this private structure, founded thanks to the approval of the municipal administration, is regulated by a convention signed in 1999 which foresees also discounts for Chignolo inhabitants.
The discount, which is permanent and equal to 5%, may also increase to 30% for primary and secondary school classes of Chignolo d’Isola.