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Sports association

Sports association

Sports club
The Sports Club “San Giovanni Bosco” is operative on the village territory and together with the Municipal Administration, runs the sports facilities listed below:

  • primary school municipal gym;
  • secondary school municipal gym;
  • municipal sports centre polyvalent ground;
  • municipal sports centre bowl centre;
  • parish football ground.

The sports club “Chignolese” consists of the following sports sections:

  • football section (11 players);
  • football section (7 players);
  • volleyball section;
  • bowls section;
  • basket section

Football section (11 players)

The football section is run by the club F.C. Isola, which has recently be born by the fusion of the football section of the Polisportiva Chignolese and the AURORA of Terno d’Isola. This union has permitted to fuse the organizing and structural resources to develop the young sector. This is the main target at which the F.C. ISOLA is aiming and actually the goal has been reached. As a matter of fact there are 10 teams belonging to the young sector and composed by children from 6 (football school) to 18 (Juniores). Such a result couldn’t have been possible without such union.

In order to provide a complete sports education, coaches are supported by ISEF trainers. Furthermore a means of transport has been put at disposal for the young people who have to move from one football ground to the other, since half of the teams play on the ground in Chignolo, and the other half on the ground of Terno.

In order to develop the potentialities of the young sectors, the recent federal rules have made the use of the young players in the first team compulsory. Greatest thanks go to the leaders of the two original clubs, who with farsightedness, courage and capacity has managed to start this brand new experience which has already been getting much success. This union wasn’t conceivable till short time ago considered the parochialism which always distinguished the two villages.

The teams enrolled in the different championships are:

  • Scuola calcio
  • Pulcini F.I.G.C.
  • Pulcini sper. F.I.G.C.
  • Esordienti B prov. F.I.G.C.
  • Esordienti A prov. F.I.G.C.
  • Giovanissimi B prov. F.I.G.C.
  • Giovanissimi A prov. F.I.G.C.
  • Allievi prov. F.I.G.C.
  • Juniores regionali F.I.G.C.
  • Promozione

Football section (7 players)

With the new polyvalent ground of the Municipal Sports centre in via Picasso, even this section has found a better collocation for the athletic activities of the three teams present on the territory. In particular two teams are entered for the provincial championship C.S.I. and one team for the regional championship F.I.G.C. series D, with a total of about 40 members.The ground is at disposal even of outer teams and, upon booking, it is also used by citizens of Chignolo who sometimes arranges amateur matches.
The place is also exploited by the children of Scuola Calcio, who has the possibility to follow their training in a more comfortable environment.

Bowls club

Thanks to the brand new municipal bowl lane, the interest of the citizens in this sport has increased and, more and more often, it has also been an occasion of meeting and aggregation. The availability of this centre has given the right stimulus to the Bowl section of the Polisportiva Chignolese to take part in competitions.

With the renewal of the provision of membership cards in F.I.B., about thirty athletes have been registered, who have created new internal norms for the management of the sports section and have elected the new Directive Council of the Bowl club.

Volleyball section

The volley activities take place in the municipal gym of the primary school. Besides the minivolley lessons for the children of the primary school, there are some young teams, both women and men, and a women’s team who plays in the regional Championship series D.

Volleyball requires a hard physical training and is a group sport where you win thanks to the harmony of the team and not to the capacity of every single element.

The teams registered for the different championships are:

  • Minivolley
  • Under 13 (women)
  • Under 17 (women)
  • Under 18 (men)
  • Series D (women)

Basket section

The recently born basket section consists of a men’s team playing in the C.S.I. provincial championship.

Basket can be considered a complete sport, it may be easy and amusing, but also difficult and tiring. It is based on the movement and all players must participate actively.


Maintaining gym

The sports committee organizes lessons of maintaining gym in the gym of the primary school. By means of pleasant and easy exercises, you can eliminate tensions and pains, improve motor organization, coordination and functionality. Lessons are open to everybody.


Rhythmical gymnastic

This course was founded by the Sports committee together with the Gym section of the Polisportiva of Brembate Sopra. The course, held by a qualified I.S.E.F. trainer, aims at approaching children to this discipline, promoting the progressive control of motor behaviour, improving coordination and making the body expression finer by dance, music and small apparatus.

The course also foresees competitions and demonstrative displays.


We are grateful to all people that, with their passion and seriousness, have been working so hard to get such important results in sports. Such people are necessary in small villages like ours to create the conditions to maintain and increase a right sports culture.