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Spare time

spare time

Cultural centre

As support of the cultural activities of our citizens, of schools and of the villages in the whole Isola Bergamasca, Chignolo d’Isola boasts a cultural centre which is of primary importance thanks to a new room equipped for both theatre representations and for concert and cinema activities which spread throughout winter and spring.

The new theatre has got 350 seats and, since built inside the school sports centre, can take advantage of all necessary facilities (included a bar and a room for restoration).


The cultural world in Chignolo rotates around the Municipal Library. Even though it belongs to a small village, it counts over 8000 books, besides services of borrowing and consultancy, borrowing between libraries, provincial data base, borrowing and consultancy of papers and magazines (at the moment you can find “La macchina del tempo”, “Quattroruote”, “Travel”, “In moto”, “Il Giornalino”, “Il Corriere della Sera”), bibliography information, internet, besides a sector for the young supplied with videos.