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Musical corps


Musical corps “Santa Eurosia”

In 1925 the priest A.Villa collected about thirty young people gifted for music in a room of the parish oratory. He invited Teacher Rodolfo Cavenaghi who taught them theory and solfeggio and Teacher E. Giudici for instrumental practice. So, after a short time, people in Chignolo could begin to hear the joyful notes of the Chignolo band. As years passed, the band managed to gain public acclaim even out of the provincial borders.

Worth mentioning is the musical carousel which took place at the Municipal Stadium in Turin in July 1985, where Lombardy was represented by the Musical Corps of Chignolo. In the year 1992 the band gained much success in Alicante (Spain) on occasion of St. John’s Holiday, where different musical and folk corps from all Europe were present. 1994 it was invited to Rome for a concert in the quarter of St. Alexander. In the year 1996 the band went beyond the national boundaries to exhibit itself in a concert in Izola (Slovenia).

Neither can we forget the several humanitarian and social interventions:”30 hours for life”, “Telethon” and other manifestations at local level. At the moment the band is trained and directed by Teacher Illari Roberto, who has increased the quality of its repertory very much.


The band of Chignolo supports itself by its own funds, the contributions received are used to buy instruments, uniforms and musical scores.