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Let’s clean the world


The local authority Ecology and Public Education departments of Chignolo d'Isola organize every year the traditional world ecological day "Let's clean the world".
This manifestation involves students of the second and third class of primary school together with their teachers and the Ecological guards of the province of Bergamo.
As usually, the day begins with the presentation of the initiative "Let's clean the world" promoted by Legambiente.
Boys and girls together with their teachers and relaters wear their uniform (hat, bag and yellow gloves) and with enthusiasm and willingness they clean gardens and public places in our village.
At the end of the day these willing young people are fed by the Administration through the Association "Don Bosco" who is involved as well in this kind of initiatives.
The primary school teachers are given a Cd-Rom containing the pictures taken throughout the ecological day.

The Municipal authorities want to go on promoting such initiatives with proposals to teachers and reserved to children, in order to make them more sensitive to problems related to the environment and nature.